December 20, 2022

SoaR Gaming is Growing Fast on TikTok

SoaR Gaming is continuing to expand and grow the brand's exposure through several different social media accounts. Recently, SoaR has made the decision to commit to a more focused approach to the TikTok world.

ATLANTA, DECEMBER, 2022 -- SoaR Gaming LLC., SoaR Gaming has recently seen massive growth on TikTok this past quarter, achieving over 43,000,000+ views from July to September. This is a 144% increase from SoaR’s TikTok viewership from the previous quarter.

To expand further, SoaR Gaming manages three (3) individual TikTok accounts, under the SoaR Gaming profile. Two (2) TikTok accounts are specific to a game title, which allows for targeted content across that specific game. SoaR Gaming’s main TikTok channel is used to cover all things SoaR Gaming related, from lifestyle moments of Soar creators to clips from other popular game titles, this is SoaR’s hub for content. With over 170,000 followers, gaming fans are beginning to pay attention to SoaR’s TikTok success.

A major success factor to the size and scale of SoaR Gaming’s TikTok presence is largely attributed to the passion and drive of SoaR’s Social Media Associate, Hunter “Solace” Robertson. Thank you Solace for your dedication and hard work. Gaming fans from around the world appreciate you!

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