Like our CEO and owner Zach Hyman, we are passionate about winning. Our team is dedicated towards pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a gamer, and exploring new ways to engage gamers around the world.

We are a handful of people that specialise in a bunch of aspects

  • Configure, Price & Quote
  • Product Information Management
  • Business to Business

Zach Hyman

SoaR ZHyman

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Maknojia

SoaR Makz


Mustafa Aijaz

SoaR Crudes

Vice President

Oliver Silverstein

SoaR Oli

Chief Operating Officer

Eric Masters

SoaR Rage

Chief Financial Officer

Hector Felix

SoaR Dazs

General Manager

Jordan Soojian

SoaR Jordan

Content Director

Marco Laroche

SoaR Medusa

Senior Talent Manager

Mason Legge

SoaR Mason

Talent Manager

Patrik Sund

SoaR Fruit

Post Production

Hunter Robertson

SoaR Solace

Social Media Associate

Toby Lewis

SoaR Toby

Social Media Associate

Lauren Joosten

SoaR Lauren

Project Manager