SoaR Gaming Doubles Down on Content

ATLANTA, MAY, 2022 -- SoaR Gaming LLC., SoaR Gaming continues to be an industry leader in producing exceptional content that breaks the traditional “gaming” mold. Most notably, SoaR turned heads when it released a new content series, “Between Two Gamers”, featuring SoaR Gaming creator Bumpaah and SoaR’s co-owner, Michael “Mak” Maknojia. The ironic, humor-filled segment seamlessly adapts the classic “Between Two Ferns” concept and is the first content piece that features an esports and gaming organization owner being “roasted” by a content creator. This piece of content received exceptional reviews from numerous industry insiders and prominent gaming personalities from other organizations.

SoaR Gaming has also expanded its presence on TikTok with the addition of a SoaR Gaming Apex Legends channel, to complement both the SoaR Main and SoaR Valorant channels. Over the last month, SoaR Gaming’s three TikTok channels garnered over 5,000,000 views and 377,000 likes, for an engagement rate of over 7.5%. By developing distinct channels for different game titles, SoaR is able to develop unique content themes and series that appeal to each title’s audience.

Be on the lookout for additional engaging, exciting, and original content series launching soon!